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Start trading crypto assets today or manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.


100% cryptonote power!

Tradelly is the easiest place to buy, sell and manage your cryptonote portfolio.

# Name Price About Trade
1 Turtlecoin TRTL $0.00005255 A fun cryptocurrency aimed at accessibility
2 Cypruscoin XCY $0.00166743 Offshore investment, safe and untraceable
3 Elphyrecoin ELPH $0.000101 The opensource funding coin
4 WrkzCoin WRKZ $0.00000032 The coin that works for the future
5 SpookyCoin SPKY Coming soon An aspiring coin with great potential

Revolutionizing Trading

Tradelly is simple

Super simple interface

Our super simple interface is optimized for new traders. It's as simple as clicking 'buy' and 'sell'.

Tradelly is cheap

0% trading fees

Trading with low capital has never been more convenient. You don't have to waste your money on annoying trading fees anymore!

Tradelly is fast

Fast trades

Thanks to our revolutionizing trade matching algorithm, trades are completed faster than ever before!

Tradelly is for developers

Free API

Our powerful API is available for every registered user. In fact, this website is built on our own API!

Tradelly is secure


Your funds are absolutely safe. They are stored in cold wallets, so there is zero attack surface for hackers.

Tradelly will help you


You need help? We are here! Either send us a mail or reach out to @fipsi | The Machine in our Discord

More than an exchange

Tradelly provides a simple portfolio


Looking for a colorful and simple portfolio featuring major coins? Here you can keep track of your favourite digital currencies.

What are you still waiting for?

What are you still waiting for?